Adoni Maalouf



  • 2017 Television Dead Lucky SBS David Caesar Teacher
  • 2012 Feature Film A Play Entitled SehnSucht Roy Badran The Clown
  • Stage Slow Burn Simon Breden (devised piece) Business Man
  • Stage Play Devised piece The Man
  • Stage The Lover Maurice Maalouf The Lover
  • Stage Premiere Act de Monnot Joe Kodeih Man
  • Stage The Matchmaker Maurice Maalouf Ambrose Kemper
  • Stage Window of Senses Seong Kyun Yoo (devised piece) The Man
  • Stage Triptych Douglas O'Connell George Dyer
  • Stage Out at Sea Maurice Maalouf Medium
  • Stage Charlie's Aunt Maurice Maalouf Jack Chesney
  • Commercial Soft Drink Talkies Production At the barbers
  • Commercial Nestle TVC Boy
  • Commercial Kafaat CSS & Grey
  • Commercial Soft Drink Film Works Production
  • Stage Antigone Maurice Maalouf Haemon
  • Commercial Juice TVC Talkies Production Adventure sports person
  • Stage Blank The critic
  • Stage Aztec Cafe James Gilbreath (collaboration) Montezuma
  • Stage Detour Collaboration Group Leader / Facilitator