Amelia Campbell


  • DOB:26/06/1991
  • Age Range:20-25
  • Ethnicity:Caucasian
  • Hair Colour:Brown
  • Eye Colour:Green
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  • 2018 Theatre Chemistry Wheels & Co Productions Rebecca Blake Steph
  • 2018 Stage 'The Sandpiper' Wheels & Co Productions Johann Walraven Hannah
  • 2018 Stage Playlist Siren Theatre Company Kate Gaul Numerous
  • 2017 Stage Portia Coughlan Actors Centre Australia Maeliossa Stafford Portia Coughlan
  • 2017 Stage The Importance of Being Earnest NIDA Alanah Guiry Lady Bracknell
  • 2017 Stage Not Even God Can Save Us Xavier Coy Lisa
  • 2017 Feature Film The Casting Game JoyHouse Productions Pearl Tan 1st Assistant Director
  • 2016 Short Film Ascent Xavier Coy Woman
  • 2016 Short Film Descent Alexandra Morgan Felicity
  • 2016 Stage State of the Nation Actors Centre Australia Adam Cook and Dean Carey Ensemble
  • 2016 Short Film Inertia Amelia Campbell Woman
  • 2016 Stage Children of the Sun Actors Centre Australia Maeliosa Stafford Yelena
  • 2016 Stage Hamlet Actors Centre Australia Adam Cook Gertrude
  • 2015 Stage Transience Actors Centre Australia Anthony Skuse and Julia Cotton Ensemble
  • 2015 Stage Wrapped Actors Centre Australia Julia Cotton Ensemble
  • 2015 Stage Romantica Actors Centre Australia Jennifer West Ensemble
  • 2015 Stage Summer of the Seventeenth Doll Actors Centre Australia Angela Punch McGregor Olive
  • 2014 Stage A Boys' Life King Street Theatre William Walsh Maggie