Inga Romantsova


  • Age Range:45-50
  • Ethnicity:European
  • Hair Colour:Brown(Honey)Blonde
  • Eye Colour:Blue / Green
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  • Television The teenage Guide to Popularity AFTRS Various Nina
  • Theatre Action NIDA Joel McIlroy Lupe
  • Television The Safe House ABC Lee Whitmore Mrs Petrov
  • Television GP RCC/ABC Robert Klenna Ann
  • Television Children's Hospital ABC Marcus North Mara
  • Theatre Biography: A Game Sydney Art Theatre Slava Orel Antoinette
  • Theatre Crime and Punishment Sydney Art Theatre Slava Orel Sonya
  • Theatre Merchant of Venice Bell Sheakspear Richard Wherret Jessica
  • Theatre The River Skaters Australian Council for the Arts Sally Sussman Lyre Bird
  • Theatre Measures Taken NIDA Damien Miller Control Leader
  • Theatre Gunter's wife Sydney Art Theatre Bogdan Koca AA
  • Theatre Dr Akar's Women Griffin Theatre Ross Horrin Jane
  • Television All Saints Chanell 7 Various Anna
  • Short Film I want to do a film about women Physical TV Karen Pearman Vera Stepanova
  • Feature Film Lillian's Story CML Productions Yerzy Domaratski Marge
  • Feature Film Natalie Wood: Hollywoods Last Child Villae Roadshow Peter Bogdanovich Gypsy
  • Feature Film Happy Feet Kingdom Feature George Miller UN Embassador
  • Commercial Sydney Morning Herald, Good Leaving Chanell 9 Various The Hostess
  • Commercial Kit Kat u0022Baby Mopu0022 J. Walter / Chanell 7 Adrian Hayward Young, creative mum
  • Feature Film The Clinic The Little Film company James Rabbit Margarita
  • Radio Chekhov Short Stories ABC National Chris Williams Various
  • Short Film Cupid Stupid Blue Bird Andrew J Williams A Stranger
  • Radio Women of Revolution ABC National Lea Redfern/Gretchen Miller Alexandra Kolontai
  • Radio Russian Poets of 20th Century SBS Alexei Ivaceff Reader
  • Radio Russian Poets ABC National Robyn Ravlich Anna Achmatova
  • Commercial Just Cuts USA company Alex Winter The Lady