Jude McCrann


  • DOB:10/08/1969
  • Age Range:40-60
  • Ethnicity:European
  • Hair Colour:Dark Brown
  • Eye Colour:Blue / Green
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  • 2019 Television Deadly Women - Hazel Stewart Story Beyond Productions John Maverty Councellor
  • 2019 Television Dead Heart CJZ John Maverty Journalist
  • 2019 Commercial Lotto VMLY&R Louis Sutherland Frank's neighbour in 'Backyard'
  • 2019 Short Film Pinprick Sydney Film School Julian Kopkas Beth
  • 2019 Commercial Fitness First Clockwork Films Luke Shanahan Julie (on garage floor)
  • 2019 Commercial Australian Pork Thirteen & Co Armand De Saint-Salvy Fanny Mae
  • 2018 Television Deadly Women - Jody Herring Story Beyond Productions Tyler Pratt Regina Herring
  • 2018 Commercial Amart Furniture Finch Alex Roberts Gary's wife in 'Release the Doves'
  • 2017 Commercial Bio Island (Nutritional Supplements) Elastic Studios Nathan Richman Pearl (Mum)
  • 2017 Commercial SDA (Union for shop staff) Chrome Creative Simon Macrae Angry Woman in 'No one deserves a serve'
  • 2017 Television Deadly Women - Amy Bishop Story Beyond Productions Katie Ryerson Debra Moriarty
  • 2016 Stage Romeo and Juliet Point Break Drama Paul Winchester Nurse
  • 2016 Television Murder Calls Screentime Michael Venables Kae Martin
  • 2015 Stage Much Ado About Nothing Point Break Drama Blair Cutting Don Pedro (female)
  • 2014 Stage Hamlet Point Break Drama Blair Cutting Polonius (female)
  • 2009 Stage The Women Independent Henry Jennings Edith
  • 2004 Stage Buried Alive Theatro Technis Theatre, London Allan Stronach Liz
  • 1995 Stage Teechers Tower Theatre, London Allan Stronach Gail