Nicholas Ferraris


  • DOB:03/12/1985
  • Age Range:26-32
  • Ethnicity:Italian
  • Hair Colour:Black
  • Eye Colour:Dark Brown
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  • 2017 Commercial NRMA Robber's Dog Adam Stevens Builder
  • 2016 Video Westpac The Whole Picture Mark Rogers Banker
  • 2016 Web Series The Cat Diaries SketchShe Shae-Lee Shackleford Nick
  • 2015 Television Deadly Women Beyond Productions John Mavety Boyfriend
  • 2015 Commercial Aldi Rabbit Content Jeff Low Italian Family Member
  • 2014 Commercial Westpac u0022The Waiting Room' Revolver Leo Woodhead Waiter
  • 2010 Short Film Nowhere To Run Guy Rudder Detective Carlyle
  • 2009 Short Film Matt & Alex Sydney Film School Matt Foster
  • 2009 Short Film Chinatown Sydney Film School J.J Gittes
  • 2009 Short Film Cindy's Time Sydney Film School Boyfriend
  • 2008 Short Film Only The Dead Have Seen The End Of The War UNSW COFA Guy Rudder Private Fernando
  • 2007 Short Film Snap UNSW COFA Guy Rudder Company Boss