Rudolf Hendrikx


  • DOB:15/06/1980
  • Age Range:27-37
  • Ethnicity:European
  • Hair Colour:Brown(Honey)Blonde
  • Eye Colour:Green
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  • 2018 Theatre The Very Hungry Caterpillar Show CDP Producers Naomi Edwards Various Characters
  • 2017 Theatre SIN (solo) Fringeworld Jay Emannuel Rudolf
  • 2017 Theatre The Very Hungry Caterpillar Show Michael Sieders Presents Naomi Edwards Various Characters
  • 2016 Theatre Resist PVI Collective Steve Bull Referee
  • 2016 Theatre Black Market (for PIAF) PVI Collective Kelli mccluskey & Steve Bull Various characters
  • 2016 Theatre Various street festivals Spare Parts Puppet Theatre Phillip Mitchell Roving Puppeteer
  • 2015 Theatre Do these walls have ears? 600Seconds (Blueroom Theatre) Phil Thomsom Various characters
  • 2015 Online Big Review TV Big Review TV Michael Lawrence Presenter
  • 2015 Theatre Jekyllu2019s Hide: Mind World Fringeworld Hugo Belviso Vermin
  • 2015 Theatre Artaud de Facteau OzFrank Theatre Jacqui Carroll Various characters (Chorus)
  • 2014 Theatre Overexposed Performing Lines WA Danielle Micich Security guard
  • 2014 Corporate Work OSCE/MOSCE Exams RANZCP Mary Wescombe Patient
  • 2014 Commercial Vodafone u0022Shoppingu0022 Hobby Film Magnus Renfors Boyfriend
  • 2014 Corporate Work applications/tutorials/exams University of Notre Dame Dianne Ritson Patient
  • 2014 Corporate Work Gatekeeper Black Cyclone Media Richard Eames Counselor
  • 2013 Television Achter Gesloten Deuren Stepping stone Merel Beernink Theo
  • 2013 Corporate Work Imagine Oculus Film Hans de Jonge Astronomer
  • 2012 Short Film Canon Perfect Recall NatColl Lein Fan Photographer
  • 2012 Corporate Work LGI Sparkle LADA Gijs Leijdekkers Dave
  • 2011 Commercial SNS bank Fat Fred productions Simone van Dusseldorp Boyfriend
  • 2011 Short Film Limbo Vers Fruit Hugo van Dijke Colleague
  • 2011 Television Z@pp Delict NCRV Andre Broertjes Tom
  • 2010 Short Film You Killed my dog, bitch University of Auckland Renald Castaneda Employee
  • 2010 Commercial TSB Bank Robbers Dog Films Adam Stevens Passenger
  • 2010 Commercial Klene licorice Artcore Films Beren Boorsma Customer