Sedina Sokolovic


  • DOB:03/07/1977
  • Age Range:34-44
  • Ethnicity:Caucasian
  • Hair Colour:Brown
  • Eye Colour:Hazel
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  • 2017 Television Deadly Women (Season 11) Beyond Productions John Mavety Wendy Roberts
  • 2017 Television Manhunt Seven Network (Operations) Limited Matthew Tomaszewski Bret Capper's Sister
  • 2016 Television Typecast Youtube Channel Eric Hsu Monica
  • 2015 Television Studio 4 Reality TV show Bandini Production Vince Jolivette and James Franco Student from Studio 4
  • 2015 Feature Film Painted State Steven Anderson PTY Blaze H, Ackman Cold War
  • 2015 Television Funny or Die Youtube Production Elisabeth Baquet Girl in line
  • 2015 Feature Film Milk Moustache Daywalt Horror Youtube Drew Daywalt Nicholette Claradee
  • 2014 Feature Film Heartlock Facility Playhouse West and Studio 4 Kane Diep Heartlock Facility Owner
  • 2014 Feature Film I Wasn't Me Playhouse West and Studio 4 Stephen Ohl Serena
  • 2012 Television Beyond Productions Beyond Mansion Wall Cathy Napoli Waitress
  • 2011 Television Sarajevo Film Festival Hayat Channel Senad Hadjifezovic Host
  • 2010 Commercial Foxtel Production Orange Whip Films Simone Macre Russian Skier
  • 2008 Commercial MTV Australia MTV Tracey Lee Permall Nurse
  • 2007 Feature Film I Hate Candy SS PTY Production UK Sania Seed Candy
  • 2007 Television Dad and Brother's in law Hayat Production Faruk Sokolovic Secretary at the office
  • 2007 Television Visa for the Future Hayat Productions Faruk Sokolovic Hotel Manager
  • 2005 Television Fat Pizza SBS Channel Paul Fenech Paulina
  • 2004 Theatre The Tempest Seymour Theatre Productions Maeliosa Stafford Ariel
  • 2004 Theatre Dog's Breakfast Nepean Production Terence Crawford Natasha
  • 2003 Theatre Wounds to the Face Nepean Productions Jill Brown Leader
  • 2003 Theatre The Possibilities Nepean Productions Jill Brown Judith Servant
  • 2003 Television Pizza (First production) SBS Channel Paul Fenech Girl in the meeting
  • 2001 Television JAG Channel Nine Todd Haynes Stewardess
  • 2001 Theatre Anthony and Cleopatra Theatre Nepean Aarne Neeme Soothsayer